QR Code Your Bike Ver.2.0

Bike Revolution’s stolen bike alert program takes the Mybikenumber.com idea a stage further. Rather than just printing out a bike QR Code identification tag the tags are available in retail packs (image below) with strong adhesive and weather proofed. The tags can be purchased online in a pack of three tags for £7.95 ($12) including postage.

Retail pack of QR coded bike ID tags

4 thoughts on “QR Code Your Bike Ver.2.0”

  1. Interesting-

    1.What would happen if I posted my sticker on someone elses bike?

    2. Is there a way for the bikes to talk back to the system? Ie. IF someone stole my bike, do I hope that someone randomly scans it outside of a dunkin donuts?

    I will check this out. Thanks for always being ontop of the QR pulse !

  2. Hi,
    In answer to the question of placing your sticker on someone else’s bike – the sticker is registered to you, the buyer. If the sticker is placed on another bike, you will still be notified if the bike is stolen.
    2nd Part of question: No, not at the moment. However we’re working on second and third generation tags so watch this space.

  3. Doesn’t this depend on the network of people using this? is there any way for this to get popular in the US atleast? it’d probably take a while to get popular in pittsburgh though.

  4. Really love the idea of this, but in my neck of the woods (Indianapolis, IN), stolen Bikes and Scooters quickly get spray painted black. So regardless, this sticker would be the first thing to get covered up.

    I was thinking that this would be a great way for data base to have our scooter club access seeing as we don’t have access to the BMV. Stash the sticker in somewhere out of sight, but easy to find for us in the know. Also trying to encourage GPS monitoring on scoots as well…

    Seriously, great idea though! Got my gears turning….

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