QR Code Bar

The Roppongi district of Tokyo, Japan is an area of foreign embassies, night clubs, trendy stores and now a restaurant called QRBAR. Customers enter, find a place to sit and using the ZNAP app scan the QR Code on the table top. A bar list appears on their mobile and the drinks they select will be delivered to their table. At that time a waiter brings them over customers can pay using the same app. ZNAP is becoming a very popular mobile wallet in many countries and was recently trialled successfully at a rugby match in the UK where 80,000+ fans could use ZNAP to pre-pay for food and drinks at six bars around the stadium, reducing queuing time. ZNAP has its headquarters and research and development center in Hong Kong with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Rome and Milan. There are hundreds of mobile wallet apps but this is one to watch.

Scanning a QR Code inside the QRBAR
Front of the QRBAR

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