QR Code Banknotes

New Swedish banknotes for 2015Last year the Royal Dutch Mint produced a limited edition of QR Coded coins but we will have to wait a little longer to see QR Codes on banknotes in circulation.

The world’s oldest central bank, Sveriges Riksbank the central bank of Sweden has announced the results of a competition to design Sweden’s new banknotes. They have decided that graphic designer and engraver Göran Österlund’s entry will form the artistic starting point for the new banknotes. He designed the new banknotes with QR Codes (image below) but the bank deems that these are “neither practical nor appropriate from a security standpoint” and they will not appear on the new notes when they enter circulation in 2015.

QR Codes on the new Swedish banknotes

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  1. This is really interesting! I’m thrilled to hear that QR codes are even being considered for use on currency. This certainly adds a high level of credibility to QR codes in general. Thanks for sharing!

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