QR Code Artist Pedro Morales

Venezuelan artist Pedro Morales has sent us a series of photographs of his latest work “Puras Flores” (Pure Flowers). He says that “Puras Flores is a digital work whose scale invariability is shaped by QR codes patterns. This fractal characteristic proposes aesthetics marked by ones and zeros, whites and blacks. The work has been assembled using a raffia mesh with fabrics applications shapes. Puras Flores is a work that uses interactive digital technology integrated to cell phones equipment in order to read content with simply pointing your phone to these codes”.

QR art Puras Flores by Pedro Morales
Detail of Puras Flores
Puras Flores more detail

5 thoughts on “QR Code Artist Pedro Morales”

  1. This is amazing! The work of this artist is bigger in concept than we realize: the QR codes in his work are assembled by hand using cloth flowers, thus challenging cell phones to read a handmade digital work. Researching a bit, I found out that Morales is Latin Americas leading digital artist, his works are usually ahead of his time, example, the work he presented at the 2003 50th Venice Biennale was the first done in and for the internet. Europe should be knowing more about him!!

  2. Attractive and interesting! Reminiscent of old-fashioned floors I have seen in Manhattan, set with small-scale hexagonal black-and-white tiles. The question remains: Can the pattern be read by a 2D barcode reader?

  3. The ones I can read:

    “No Al Miedo” = no fear
    “Internet is for porn”
    “N’ayez pas peur” = Do not be afraid

    …funny guy…

  4. Pedro congratulations your work is amasing!!!!
    A realy beauty peace of art
    a virtual mosaic !!!
    fabianna strumiello
    brasilian artist

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