QR Codes As AR Glyphs

Using QR Codes as optical glyphs in mobile augmented reality is an interesting approach. If the user does not have the appropriate AR app they can just use the QR Code to download it from the app store. Onvert uses this technique and its recent design competition promoting its 3D augmented reality service produced hundreds of submissions. The winner announced yesterday was “Hidden Robot”, created by Matthew Leach who wins a $1000. Matthew’s design uses Onvert’s ability to ‘reveal’ by creating a robot which transforms into a microwave. He first designed a prototype in polystyrene, which was followed by developing a paper model and adding photos and graphics. The judges say that the design replicates innovativeness and accuracy and an exemplary level in quality design. The winner’s gallery can be seen here.

Winning AR with Onvert's 3D service

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