QR Code Apps Cards For Developers

AptGeek have launched App2Card.com a service for app developers to build business cards in the shape of a mobile app icon. The cards are 1.25 inches square with round corners and plastification on both sides (images below). The app icon is displayed on the front of the card and on the back is a QR Code that leads directly to the apps page in the app store via a bit.ly address for simple stats.

QR Code app cards

3 thoughts on “QR Code Apps Cards For Developers”

  1. Well it’s nice to see Optiscan being featured on a post, Roger. 🙂

    I saw those cards last week, but didn’t really see a practical use. They’re a difficult size and I can see them getting lost quite easily. Maybe if they’d made them the standard business card height of 55mm it would be better. As it is, I can get 500 beer mats for £50, full colour both sides that would get more attention and use.

  2. Although it’s a novelty item, I have to agree with Steve – not really practical.

    The dynamic QR code that I like and use is easily read by a scanner, can be printed as small as 8x8mm and takes the user to a mobile landing page. If I choose to send them to an app, I have an app icon set up where they can easily download the app.

    If you’d like to see a demo, http://youtu.be/vP1QKhUPZ4c

  3. This is cute, but really not very practical. To want to download the app users would need to know more about it than the icon. Frankly a full business card size could be designed to do this effectively with the QR Code incorporated into it. Probably would be a lot less costly.

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