QR Code Android App Shares Your Wi-Fi Network

Vashishtha Jogi an Intern at Adobe Systems has developed ‘Wifi Joiner‘ a free Android app that uses a QR Code to share a WPA/WEP/Open Wi-Fi network without divulging the password. There is a website provided for generating the QR Code with an encrypted password and users with the app simply scan the code and connect to the network with one tap. Suggestions for improvement and bug reports can be made via the developers website.

Screenshot of Wifi Joiner in action

1 thought on “QR Code Android App Shares Your Wi-Fi Network”

  1. Surely the standard Barcode Reader app already does this? What does this standalone app bring to the party that isn’t already here?

    You can create a QR code for your own WiFI network here:
    (it’s in the “Contents” drop-down list)

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