QR Code Anti-Counterfeit Tags

E-mart the largest retailer in South Korea and originator of the ingenious shadow QR Code campaign are now using QR Codes to combat fake designer goods. Together with the South Korean Trade Related IPR Protection Association (TIPA) and the Korean Customs Service, QR Code labels are attached to genuine branded articles and displayed in the store. The QR Code resolves to a TIPA mobile site showing the importer, the items classification, the items trade name, the date of customs clearance and the port of entry. The smartphone screenshot below shows this (for the item in the accompanying image) as E-Mart, Clothing, Lacoste, 2013-02-19 and Customs Pyeongtaek. Although this initiative is unlikely to stop the sale of counterfeit goods it does raise the consumer perception of E-mart as a responsible store.

E-mart store showing off its QR Code anti-counterfeit tags

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