QR Code Saves Your Fingers (Possibly!)

The people over at Tibo Software produce some nice game software but I am not sure what to make of their latest output. They say “Quetim was developed by reason of laziness of its authors to write messages on 9 keys” and it may well be true.

The way it works is that you visit quetim.com and use your computer keyboard to write the SMS text, that you want to send, into the textbox provided. Your text will then be encoded into a QR Code.

Simply capture the image of the QR Code with your mobile phone camera and if you have the free Quetim application installed it will decode the QR Code and automatically insert the extracted text into the SMS message body ready to send.

You can download Quetim for your Java J2ME mobile device with your mobile phone browser from http://www.quetim.com/mobile/ or download the JAR file to your computer from here.

Tibo Software claim that Quetim is faster than Multi-tap, T9 Text Input or iTap and of course it works with any computer or browser.

QR code for SMS

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