QR Code And NFC Talking Statues

Some of the most famous public statues in London have been given NFC tags and QR Codes to enable them to speak. Well known writers were commissioned to put words into the statues’ mouths and leading actors and actresses recorded the monologues. The project started this week and will run for a year. Illustrated below is the plaque for the Sherlock Homes statue in Baker Street with words by Anthony Horowitz and voice by Ed Stoppard.

My favorite is the statue in Archway in honour of Dick Whittington’s legendary cat, located on the site where the distant Bow Bells call young Dick back to London to claim his fortune. After you have seen and heard the cat three minutes walk away is the The Whittington Cat pub which has the mummified cat in a display cabinet on the wall.

Sherlock Holmes statue in Baker Street with the QR Code and NFC plaque

Screenshots of what you get on your mobile

Map of the statues in London with QR Codes and NFC tags

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