An Alternative To QR Codes On TV?

Fujitsu demonstrated a new patent pending technology, that could replace QR Codes on TV, at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Japan last week. The technology transmits information from a television display to a smartphone by embedding additional information in the form of tiny points of light that are imperceptible to the human eye (image below). Fujitsu claim that the technology is able to receive information in the form of embed coupons or URLs embedded in videos from a position up to two or three metres away from the display.

Patent pending replacement for QR Codes on TV

2 thoughts on “An Alternative To QR Codes On TV?”

  1. So glad to see an article like this! I am currently doing research in this area.

    With this technology, I’m curious to know how a person would be prompted to scan the TV with his or her smartphone. Also, will there be a specific app used to scan the TV?

  2. @Brittney I am sure there will have to be an app but your first question is a very good one and I don’t know the answer…

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