High Flying QR Code

This unscanable QR Code made me laugh a lot! Passionate about flying and photography Yuri Vorontsov sent me this photograph (image below) of an airplane towing a banner with a giant QR Code. He shot the picture today in Amsterdam and assures me it is genuine. At the moment we have no idea who was responsible or what the QR Code did when decoded. Any additional information anyone? Added 5 May, 2011: Please see comments for additional info.

A giant QR Code banner towed by an aiplane

6 thoughts on “High Flying QR Code”

  1. I know there are macro lenses for smar tphones, maybe they thought there was also a 400x telescopic lens available?

  2. @Patrick Outstanding forensics!!

    Thanks to your good work I can add some information: It was part of a campaign to introduce a new toothpaste ‘Aquafresh Ultimate’ into the Dutch market and the QR Code resolved to the campaign Facebook page. The QR Code banner was apparently followed by another with an explanation which read ‘QR Gemist? (Eng=QR Code?) Aquafresh Ultimate Facebook’

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