QR Code Help for the Homeless

Francisco Guijarro and Daniel Pradilla from Alma DDB advertising agency have come up with a excellent idea to help the homeless in their submission (video below) to the Future Lions competition at the 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival held in Cannes, 20-26 June 2010. The idea is to give the homeless a reward card together with a QR Code. Donors can use the QR Code to donate to a specific homeless person who will have their reward card credited. The points on the reward card can be used in exchange for food, shelter, medicine etc. I really hope this idea comes to fruition….


1 thought on “QR Code Help for the Homeless”

  1. The idea of connecting the community to help a “cause” is great. The use of a new language, spoken by the richest, the so called “cool people” is also very clever. Making it all looks so perfect, nicely done and wrapped is an art. But with all my respect to DDB and all its creatives:
    don’t make homeless people victims of the geek power.
    Since I first read about this project I didn’t know what to think: “could this help someone?” – the question has an answer: No. No. No. Not the way is proposed.
    Tagging an individual, promoting his sad story to the world, speculating among other homeless to get the best saddest story and then choosing a person to help (instead of helping all),promoting no human contact, exhibiting your smart phone to the ones that cannot afford them, pointing a camera towards a sad situation. And on top of it risking yur life and your phone… This isn’t about helping. There’s no solidarity here.
    I’d like to think this idea could help, if direct help from the community is what homeless are looking for. I’ll leave here some open questions, hopping they can arouse other ideas to Francisco and Daniel: Maybe having posters or a spot where QRCodes are printed to be scanned-spread around the city (not physically near the person in need like showed in the clip),maybe promoting the services or the companies helping these people. what do you think?

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