Club Goers Get Stamped With A QR Code

I don’t believe this QR Code application actually worked 100%. However even though the execution was poor there is the essence of an idea here that may be worth marketers exploring. Turquoise Cottage a club in Delhi, India used QR Codes as admittance stamps which resolved to various destinations depending on the time of day it was scanned. Bar discounts and offers in the evening, available taxi services at the end of the night and hangover cures the following morning. The QR Code was stamped on the club goers forearm and from the video (below) it looks to have too many modules to stand any chance of being scanned reliably but as I say, it’s an interesting idea.

3 thoughts on “Club Goers Get Stamped With A QR Code”

  1. Indeed the QR code should have been much less complex given the media used.

    Fairly well done overall, but they probably missed a trick by failing to partner up with nearby quick service restaurants for food after club hours or breakfast the next day.

  2. Last year, I did a campaign using QR Code temportary tattoos at the Seattle VegeFest. The QR Code link was changed several times over a 24 hour period. Temporary tats won’t rub off or smear like ink stamps.

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