Happy 20th Birthday QR Code

QR Code birthday graphicToyota Motor Corporation spin-off DENSO Corporation celebrated the 20th birthday of the QR Code on Thursday. It is not clear why August 7 was chosen as the official birthday date but it is the birthday of Masahiro Hara, the inventor of the QR Code. The filing date for the first QR Code patent (Japanese Patent JP2938338) was March 14, 1994 and I am not entirely sure why that date is not regarded as the official birthday.

Anyway Toyota Tsusho ID Systems have put up a celebratory webpage (now no longer available but this is a Internet Archive link) which includes the graphic displayed here. Unfortunately the QR Code simply resolves to the website’s home page which is not very imaginative and seems to be a lost opportunity to promote the company. And why not a cake like this one 🙂

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