QR Art at Abbey Maubuisson

Olga Kisseleva is an established Russian artist (with a Ph.D. from St Petersburg University). Her current exhibition at the Abbey Maubuisson, France features QR codes that lead the visitor to a large tag-sculpture, mosaic mirrors and black plates.

QR code in Olga Kisseleva's Mosaic Mirror

The QR code in this mosaic mirror (image via poptronics )when decoded reads “L’ideologie, c’est ce qui pense a votre place” which is a quotation from Jean-Fran├žois Revel, one of the leading French philosophers of the 20th century. In English it translates as “The ideology is what you think”.

3 thoughts on “QR Art at Abbey Maubuisson”

  1. Actually if I may, I’m fluent in French and what it actually says is “ideology is something that does the thinking for you” (or instead of you). Subtle difference but completely different meaning.

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