Procter & Gamble Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag originally available only in the United States recently became available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. The first international campaign is for Procter & Gamble in Turkey where mobile users who see and snap a Head & Shoulders Tag will be sent to a prize winning contest page.

Head & Shoulders shampoo Microfsoft tag advertisement

3 thoughts on “Procter & Gamble Microsoft Tag”

  1. We kicked this campaign off with P&G that is the first quick response marketing example both in Turkey and P&G Global. For more information you can find the post on my friendfeed. Could you please ad the picture that I’ve placed to friendfeed to this post? Keep following Turkish cases. Thanks.

  2. Our campaign slogan is “Snap and Get Rid of Dandruff”. We give prizes to everyone. Hundreds of discount coupons from tech stores and free mobile services (calling credits, mobile internet packages and so on). I thank you Roger.

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