Philip Warbasse on QR Codes

Philip Warbasse of Warbasse Design emailed me three videos of his work with QR Codes and Universal Music Group’s ‘Lost Highway Records’. Titled ‘2D Bar Codes as Digital Marketing’, ‘Replacing the CD with 2D Barcodes’ and ‘2D Barcodes and Online Contests’ I have embedded them below.

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  1. very interesting…how do you protect the download, you could have everyone sharing their insert with everyone else thus losing sales.

    do you know of anyone with a qr tag protective download service?

  2. Hi Dean,

    Indeed, you point out some valid concerns. I made this video in early March of 09. It was pre-PLUSH (our mobile server found at Clearly, some form of security combined with the ability to share the sample tracks or “gift” full tracks is the perfect solution and we are doing that now using PLUSH Mobile Servers.

    Basically, the server detects the user-agent on your handset and a plethora of other device specific and user specific information. This info is collected and stored on an encrypted server. A cookie is also created and set to allow that device instant access upon returning in the future.

    On the mobile interface, user’s can “share” sample tracks from their mobile device with anyone they choose. And, yes, they can even share the code itself. But, here’s the catch. Only one user at a time. Multiple users in real time are rejected.

    For the most part, it is a mobile version of the solution used for Sirius-XM Internet subscribers / listeners.

    Thanks for your question and please let us know how we may help at

    Philip Warbasse
    Warbasse Design

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