QR Code Made From 3,844 Paint Cans

AXA bank Belgium has constructed a QR Code from 3,844 paint cans. The video below shows the assembly and the final positioning at the junction of Dansaertstraat and Charles Quint, Brussels. The 220 square feet QR Code resolves to the Axa ‘renovation loan campaign’ mobile site.

Axa Bank QR Code made from paint pots
QR Code made from paint pots

3 thoughts on “QR Code Made From 3,844 Paint Cans”

  1. Not sure I did my math correctly, but I was trying to count the height at 41 secs.

    I wonder how many conversions they get off this ad or if its just for a halo effect of PR.

    ps. Technically – opps.

  2. @Patrick The way I counted is – each module is 4 cans, it’s 29 x 29 modules with a 1 module border so 31 x 31 modules in total or 31 x 31 x 4 cans (3844)

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