QR Code Announces World Premiere

QR Code guerilla street posters are not only for indie bands and dance music, they have now appeared in Vancouver, Canada advertising the world premiere of a new opera. In addition to the street posters, during the run of “Lillian Alling” at Vancouver Opera there will be QR Codes throughout the theatre to enable opera goers to access backstage videos, trailers and reviews. A world first all round it seems!

Fly posting QR Code posters for a new opera

2 thoughts on “QR Code Announces World Premiere”

  1. Lived in Vancouver for 9 years. It is the only truly Asian Pacific city in North America. There is a sensibility that grows there, that no where in the States (or, the rest of Canada) has.

    I’m not surprised people are using QR in a clever manner there. Go Canucks Go.

  2. soothing music. ( listening to youtube video )

    website is driving me a bit crazy, but I like that they have “win a free car” button 🙂

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