QR Code Open Source Beer

Yes it’s true, QR Coded open source beer really does exist! While the secret formula for Coca-Cola has been kept in a bank vault since 1886, the New Zealand brewing company Yeastie Boys provide the recipe for their Digital IPA via a QR Code label on the bottle. Digital IPA is an India Pale Ale that features five QR Codes on the metallic blue label (image below). The QR Codes link to various web pages including Facebook and Twitter accounts but one of the QR Codes resolves to the full recipe of the beer, which as far as I know makes Digital IPA the world’s first commercial open source beer. There is a new and profound marketing concept for beer at work here – consumers have the opportunity to brew the beer themselves, effectively become the producer and subsequently act as a virtual sales force for the brewery and for better quality beer in general.

A bottle of Digital IPA beer
QR Code label on a bottle of Digital IPA beer

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