Old Computer Games as QR Codes

When she has time Google Webmaster Melissa Louie likes to reproduce old classic computer games as QR Codes (images below). She told me “I saw some other cool manipulations of QR codes (like SET Japan’s work) and wanted to try it myself. I settled on Tetris since it is basically a game with big pixels and was easily manipulated. I basically made a bunch of Tetris tetrads and used them to fill in the code. What I discovered was that the color didn’t matter too much, as long as there was enough contrast. The rest of the image was just a little window dressing to make it feel a bit more like a Tetris game”. Melissa has since followed up with Space Invaders and Super Mario Brothers. Let’s hope Melissa finds time to continue the theme and if you have any suggestions for old games that you think would make fun QR Codes please leave a comment.

QR Code made to look like the PC game Tetris
Space Invaders as a QR Code
Super Mario Brothers QR Code

8 thoughts on “Old Computer Games as QR Codes”

  1. Who says they don’t scan? I couldn’t get the Mario one to work, but Tetris and SI both scanned just fine to give a title, artist and link to a google search.

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