The Worst Newspaper Ad Of The Year?

While the advertising world is alive with digital creativity, npower one of the UK’s largest energy providers have somehow contrived to produce the most unimaginative, uninspired and unproductive newspaper ad I have seen in a long time (image below). Appearing on Friday in Metro, London’s free commuter newspaper the ad is not only quintessentially bland but the QR Code resolves to a non-mobilized site that provides an unbelievably bad user experience. Message to npower CEO Volker Beckers: Change your advertising agency, shake up your marketing department and demand digital creativity.

npower QR Code advertisement

3 thoughts on “The Worst Newspaper Ad Of The Year?”

  1. I just scanned the QR code and the lack of an optimized site isn’t the worst part. It’s the fact that it could have easily been optimized, but it just wasn’t.

  2. Sadly, an all-too-common occurrence. Studies have shown QR codes are scanned for 2 main reasons: access to a promotion or for more information.

    Companies that wander from those two destinations are asking for failure. Going to a non-mobile site is inexcusable.

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