Nokia EZcode Advertisement

A Nokia N-Gage advertisement with EZcode has started running this week in gaming and cellular related magazines in Italy. Nokia phones preloaded with the FlashMe application (a local version of the ScanLife application) can scan the code and connect to the N-Gage site for game downloads and free wallpaper.

Italian Nokia N-Gauge advertisement with an EZcode

3 thoughts on “Nokia EZcode Advertisement”

  1. It might be worth noting that any web site that mentions Scanbuy or EZCODE is spammed with false information by Streetstylz and his group of Neomedia shareholders.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no information available to suggest that Nokia and Neomedia are working together in this campaign, except on his self serving blog, where he writes articles that appear to look like official announcements, but are his own writings.

    The fact is, the campaign he mentioned above was a partnership between NOKIA and IQ MOBILE, not neomedia.

    He is stretching things a little because IQ mobile promotes the neoreader as ONE bar code reader on one of their website pages. Therefore in his limited view scope, that means Nokia is partnered with neomedia who developed the Neoreader.

    Nokia has used IQ media to develope 7 campaigns for them, from bar code scanning to sms/mms services. Sincethis campaign uses the Data Matrix 2D code, the only link to Neomedia being involved is that the user can use the neoreader as ONE method to scan the code. They can also use NOKIAs own bar code scanner if they desire, or any one of the many others available that will scan and decode data matrix 2D bar codes.

    With the EZ code campaign however its a different story. Nokia must be working directly with Scanbuy as Scanbuy has the only reader that can scan and decode their proprietary EZ CODE.

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