Nike’s QR Code Posters for Runners

Nike’s Take Antwerp campaign has integrated seven different QR codes on seven different posters with each poster visualizing a ‘city run’ in Antwerp (images below). Each run is named after it’s shape when mapped, The Dog, The Runner, The Skull etc. Scanning the QR code on a poster makes the user automatically Like and Share that particular run on their Facebook wall.

Nike running route posters with QR Codes

1 thought on “Nike’s QR Code Posters for Runners”

  1. So, a QR scan results in an action the User may or may not have wanted to convey?

    The User gets what in return?

    If I scanned a QR tag an an action is taken that I didn’t know about or approve, I’d never scan another one.

    Taking me to a web page, sending me an SMS, delivering me a text haiku, all fine, I’ve implied that I am opting-in on those. Taking action such as triggering a LIKE button I didn’t give you permission to do? Equals #fail

    Nike/digital and their W+K agency should be smarter than this. If this represents a leading Brand and major Agency’s understanding of QR and mobile engagements, then this Industry is sunk.

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