QR Codes And NFC Side By Side

Point of sale NFC and QR Code placard
Reach Media Group’s network of 75,000 digital-out-of-home screens are to become interactive with NFC and QR Codes provided by proximity marketing provider Blue Bite (video below). The new platform named mTag is a placard placed at or near the point of sale with a “Tap or Scan” call-to-action. The same content will be provided to the user irrespective of whether they use NFC (Tap) or Scan (the QR Code) which over a period of time should provide some valid statistics on the uptake of NFC in this environment.

3 thoughts on “QR Codes And NFC Side By Side”

  1. This is a really smart format to address current and future users.

    The fascinating item to note is watching the user experience between NFC and QR in the video.

    Given a choice, which would you use?

  2. Thanks for the post. After watching the video and thinking about this from a new user perspective, I’m a little confused and unsure how successful this will be in the US, where this is scheduled to be tested.
    It seems there’s a potential to add to the confusion many mobile users already face with these newer technologies. Though QR code use in the US is increasing, many still do not know what they are or are only vaguely aware.
    In the video they are introduced to NFC tag (unheard of by vast majority)and QR codes at the same time and given a choice. I imagine a lot of puzzled looks if this is going to be implemented soon in the US.
    I’ve been experimenting with QR and AR for a while, and watching the development of NFC. My take has been that NFC, when ready, would replace the need for QR and some applications of AR as well. I guess time will tell.

  3. Both technologies have limitations currently and both will require some level of consumer education. I believe there will be a transition period where both with exist.

    Right now NFC is a “future” concept. New devices are hitting the market with this functionality but the older smart phone market is still very active. The newer phones will pressure the older phone price points lower, placing them in a younger demographic’s hands. NFC devices will have the adoption lag whereas EVERY phone now has a camera and can scan QR codes.

    The biggest benefit I see to adapting the QR code now, is that the strategies used to implement and track QR campaigns will be transferred over to anything that replaces them.

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