QR Code And NFC Tagged Posters Trial

Outdoor media owner JCDecaux (cf. First Public NFC Marketing Campaign), out of home media specialist Kinetic and QR Code/NFC management company Zappit have launched the ‘Test the Near Future’ project in Reading, UK. The project, a four week trial, will test the public’s reaction to interactive posters with both NFC Tags and QR Codes. There are 325 posters (example image below) distributed throughout the town with 13 advertisers taking part, including Mercedes, EA Games and Unilever. Reading is regarded as an information technology hub, companies with UK Headquarters there include Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Symantic and Nvidia, hence the choice of location for the project!

Poster with both QR Code and NFC Tag situated in Reading

1 thought on “QR Code And NFC Tagged Posters Trial”

  1. It would be awesome if they publish the results. I believe QR codes will get more scans then NFC but i would be interested in the number of scans the NFC tags get.

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