World’s First NFC Business Card

Hicel a Korean manufacturer of components for plasma display panels (PDPs) and liquid crystal displays (LCDs) has produced the worlds first mass produced NFC Business card (image below). The business card shown in their press release also has a QR Code and Hicel say they are looking at similar NFC applications for brochures, luxury labels and forgery proof tags. The video below shows the read and rewrite functionality of the embedded NFC tag. (Press Release)

NFC business card

5 thoughts on “World’s First NFC Business Card”

  1. Very smart. Yes, the video could me better(someone explaining it and clearer picture of phone app).

    But i love the idea of the product!

  2. I love the shape of the antennae and how it becomes a design element.

    In terms of UX, I would love to use NFC to check the balance on my metro subway card.

    I also see a new market for Anti NFC wallets !

    Patrick Donnelly

  3. Why does everybody use pictures of iPhones as their examples for everything? Even more stupid as the iPhone cannot read NFC?

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