3 thoughts on “First Paper With QR Codes Throughout”

  1. The National Post in Canada has been using codes throughout their paper for a while now.

  2. Actually the quote (from me) was “As far as I know we’re the first periodical in Colorado to use QR Codes in this manner.”

    First in the States? I don’t know.

  3. Interesting article. In Finland about 4 years ago we at UpCode were running 2D codes in one of their leading newspapers- Kauppalehti. A 2D code was also used in an ad on the paper by a leading candidate in their election campaign around that time too.

    Subsequently, UpCode was used by Yedioth in Israel, their leading media group and again in the newspaper to link to ‘live’ election results.

    In the UK, newspapers have used 2D with varying success, The Sun, City Life. Stora Enso used a 2D code in an ad in the Financial Times too this year.

    More examples go to http://www.upcode.com/page/13734761

    But, importantly it’s great to see the use of 2D growing around the world and the ‘links’ in newspapers are just the first step along a path that offers print media and businesses some exciting new ways to reverse the trends, monetize them and increase readership and advertising.

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