7 thoughts on “What Does This Mean Exactly?”

  1. It seems like Neustar would be a “middle man” so multiple barcode vendors can be interoperable if they do not already have that capability.

  2. This whole Neustar thing has to do with the fact that companies like Neomedia (Neoreader) will charge a per scan fee to any marketer using codes generated through Neomedia.
    This can only be done if the indirect model is used. The code contains a link to neomedias server which then directs to the final destination url. This means that other readers potentially cannot read the code. Therefore a clearing house is needed which makes sure that all readers can direct the consumer to the final destination. (Japan uses a direct model)
    I personally am not very fond of the indirect model and pay per scan fees. Its like you would need to pay godaddy a fee for every time somebody looks at your website.

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