Nestlé Rolls Out QR Code Packaging Worldwide

Nestlé (the largest food company in the world) are rolling out QR Codes on packaging across their product portfolio, in both emerging and developed markets, in order to provide nutritional information for consumers. The news of Nestlé’s new digital labelling scheme comes hot on the heels of McDonald’s announcement that it would be using a QR Code to provide nutritional information on all carry-out bags worldwide.

This global initiative by Nestlé has started in the UK with a QR Code on multi-packs of two-finger Kit Kat chocolate bars (image below). Consumers who scan the QR code on a Nestlé product will, quote: “…be able to obtain additional information relating to how the product fits into a healthy lifestyle, including portion guidance, recipe ideas, and its role in a balanced diet. They will also be able to access facts about its impacts, such as how much water or energy is used in its entire life cycle”. You can see what this means by visiting the mobile site for the new Kit Kat packaging here.

Click on the image below to zoom in and see the detail.

QR Code wrapper from an 8 pack of Kit Kat

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