Nestle Trials QR Codes

With designer QR Code and campaign management from Los Angeles startup Paperlinks, Nestle is using their Hjem-IS ice cream company as a test QR Code marketing campaign in Denmark (image below). If successful Nestle will consider expanding the use of QR Codes for mobile commerce to the US and other countries. The QR Code resolves to an easy to navigate mobile site where users can purchase Hjem-IS ice cream products. (Technical question: Has anyone seen a designer QR Code in commercial use with part of the left timing patterns obscured before?).

Designer QR Code for Hjem-IS ice cream

1 thought on “Nestle Trials QR Codes”

  1. Hey Roger,

    I usually dont mess with the timing patterns, but theoretically, their are two of them- and by logic, I assume that only one is needed. However, I would not take this type of risk if a code was rolled out in a scalable manner. When you have the luxury of making a code 2 feet tall, you have a little wiggle room.

    I personally have some contracts in Denmark, and I am pretty sure that Scanlife is a very popular scanner over there. It didnt work for me at this angle, but I assume if I was in front of the code I might have better luck.

    Im sure that this was tested though and I like it. Not sure what it has to do with ice cream, but I like it.



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