2 thoughts on “NASCAR With QR”

  1. Roger, thanks as always for the post.

    This part of a much larger concept.

    Building UNIQUE mobile web content around physical objects such as race cars, storefronts, displays, signs and t-shirts is MAIN thing here. It’s a whole new way of thinking about your web content and how nimble it needs to be to keep up with the mobile madness taking place.

    This would be “gimmikey” if it was a link to a regular website, instead it’s a Tissot-TAPPINN Smartsite flooded with unique mobile content for race fans.

    Getting viewers to SCAN directly off the car wasn’t the intent of this.(This campaign will get TONS of scans though btw) It was ultimately meant to symbolize a new age of web content and advertising.

    Hopefully we can get some good shots of it on TV.

    Nick Ford

  2. Creating uniquely mobile engagements is applauded. Because, a QR Tag is merely an invitation to what should be a great mobile content experience, it’s nice to see this company focus on the content and experience more than the technology.

    Too often we’re seeing “optimized” web sites for mobile that don’t take into consideration the location and even attention span of the consumer on a mobile device. Or, the dreaded 1-2 minute video that isn’t anything more than a gimmick.

    There are some very clever and uniquely mobile platforms and engagement scenarios coming to market which when coupled to a QR Tag should create and deliver upon the anticipation and excitement. . .unless, too many poorly executed campaigns dull everyone’s senses.

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