Movie Posters And QR Codes

On a movie poster, is it better to have the QR Code tucked away in the corner or as the focal point in the form of a designer code? All over LA are posters for Bob and the Monster (a documentary on musician Bob Forrest and his battle with drug addiction) featuring a large designer QR Code from Warbasse Design (image below). The code resolves to a mobile site with options to purchase tickets, learn more about the film or link to social media. Compare and contrast this with the bottom right hand corner approach used in this QR Code movie poster. Which do you think is better and why?

Designer QR Code in the center of a movie poster

2 thoughts on “Movie Posters And QR Codes”

  1. I noticed QR codes for the first time at SXSW this year and was intrigued by the concept, but didn’t fully understand it’s use or value. Mobile media is obviously taking over our culture and quickly becoming the conduit for how we interact with audiences but it wasn’t until I stared working with Philip that I began to comprehend how exciting and how immediate this interaction can be. It’s one thing to scan a code that goes to a website that is hard to navigate around, but Warbasse Design created a mobile site for us that made it so easy for people to find out the facts instantly in a mobile friendly environment. This has given the public the ability to find a screening and buy tickets while standing at a train station where they have scanned the code in a matter of minutes. It’s very exciting and I would venture to say that Warbasse played a hand in helping us sell out both of our Los Angeles screenings by creating a bold QR movie poster for the public to interact with. It’s eye catching and easy to understand which is something I wasn’t seeing back when they first arrived on the scene. The Bob and The Monster QR movie poster is bad ass! It helps to invite people into the future with this new technology by giving you the tools to succeed without feeling like an absolute Luddite! Then again maybe that’s just me, it took me a month to figure out Tivo.
    keirda bahruth
    shaker films | director/producer

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