QR Code to the Moon?

Robs Ned has designed two QR Codes (images below) for Team Selene competing for the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE for the first privately funded teams to build robots that successfully land on the Moon. The first scans as “Greetings from the stratosphere” and the second as “sugarshot.org” and as Rob said in his email to me “Maybe my QR code will end up on the moon”!

Team Selene designer QR Code
Team Selene rocket QR Code

6 thoughts on “QR Code to the Moon?”

  1. I can’t get either of these to scan, using Barcode Scanner on Android.

    Is anyone else having luck?

  2. I have been experimenting with making QRs like this but can’t get them to scan. Tried these with three different phones couldn’t get them to scan either. What do you folks use to get them to resolve?

  3. Hi there, I used upcode.fi and beetagg.com readers to scan them… I get instant scans… Im the founder of QR+, I plan to solve the problem with QR code security and readability issues with an open source project.

    I design QR codes for project funding 🙂

    @qrpixel : Sorry, will take the codes back to beta again and debug them… Perhaps the Barcode scanner on Android uses the Zebra Crossing QR library which is not very flexible… Designer QR Codes push the Limits…

    @David Zimmel Please do tell me which phones you have used and which readers. I need to take the codes back to beta.

    Or should I write for best results use beetagg or upcode reader?

    Cheers and thanks for the feedback.

  4. Tried scanning both of these with a number of apps on an iPhone 4 (Optiscan, RedLaser, Bee Tagg, i-nigma) and could only get the first to scan using i-nigma. The second didn’t scan at all.

    Better to ease off on the designer side rather than to stipulate apps to be used. Oh, and the ZXing library can be very flexible if you customise it 😉

  5. @ Robert. “People, form MUST FOLLOW function.” This is what you’ll hear Philip Warbasse scream around the studio on a bad day of designer codes at Warbasse Design, and we have had them in the past, so don’t feel too bad. But please understand, the ONLY reason we (Warbasse Design) offer Designer QR Codes is because we write after action reports for several smartphone manufacturers, using their phones in the process. What does this have to do with designer codes? It gives us the tools we need to test with (tons of different handsets with sevreral different carriers).

    We have created a testing bay that allows us to test each change we make to the code as we make it. WD also spends a lot of money in this area to make sure we have an adequate testing environment.

    Designer Codes can fool you because they may scan on one phone with one reader but, not on the same phone with a different reader. Testing is the key and creating a standard to test against is really where the value to the client makes itself apparent.

    A designer code that does not work is like a car without a steering wheel. It must work and it is always better for you to know, before your client does.

    Your codes do look great, now you need to focus on function.

    Nick Palo

  6. @ Robert N – while these are pretty designs, they seem to be giving everyone problems – the top one ( with the dragon) works but you need to move in nd out far too long before it reads, the the one with the rockets – even after opening in Photoshop and editing / simplifying / increasing contrast – just will not work with the three phones I have access to.

    So, this is pretty lousy user experience, even if it were discovered on the Moon by aliens with better smartphones than I have.

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