MMS and QR Codes

Guest post by Patrick Donnelly, QrArts.

This news is from April but still raises interesting questions.

One of the comments I often hear about QR Code adoption is that the need for a person to download a free app is another barrier to entry to UX. Until QR scanners become part of firmware, MsSkynet may have stumbled upon maybe the next thing – MMS and QR codes. This approach is not necessarily new, Jagtag has been providing a similar service for quite some time. I noticed in the comments section of the above post that this development had nothing to do with Jagtag’s success and that this was being developed for some while. Could this be the solution to the often heard question “but what if I don’t have a smartphone?” What are the implications of this new decoding method for QR codes, and is this good or bad for the 2d barcode realm? Is this an incremental improvement over the SMS shortcode option?

Note: I tried to use the service, and was not successful, but I assume that if the theory makes sense, that the implementation technologically will be refined over time.

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  1. The platform you’re referring to (mSKYNET) is now branded as (or sparQ Codes) and from what I see, it’s still possible to use their MMS feature (if you fiddle around a bit).

    Yes, it’s a QR Tag that can be sent via MMS (within the U.S. only) to resolve server-side.

    It’s a nice feature and may help transition people between now and then (when they have a Reader).

    In practical terms, if the campaign is MMS or SMS based, then you don’t need a smartphone at all (just like a Jagtag). But, it seems that the only people who would participate in something like this probably do have a smartphone or at least mobile web access? So it seems like it’s more of an aid to bring smartphone users into the fold?

    I just saw one of these the other day so maybe it’s starting to roll out commercially now?

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