Pause it, Scan it, Get it…

Dynomighty Design have started to run a QR Coded TV advertisement for their Mighty Wallets (video below). The QR Code resolves to the Mighty Wallets website which unfortunately has not been mobilized. However it is interesting to compare their call to action, the minimalist “Pause it, Scan it, Get it” with the recent Bluefly commercial. Bluefly’s call to action is a more explicit “To get your free code reader Text SCAN to 43588 Data Message rates may apply”, followed by “Scan this code now”. The question is, as QR Codes start to permeate the psyche of TV audience’s which is better?

Mighty Wallets QR Code and call to action


3 thoughts on “Pause it, Scan it, Get it…”

  1. Its a catchy slogan. pause,scan,get.

    I think I would have gone with pause, scan , enjoy – but close enough.

    Wallet looks interesting by itself.

  2. It begs the question of whether a Keyword and Shortcode would have been more appropriate and received a higher response level?

    They are making people work pretty hard (and take up a lot of their time) to go through the process they opted to offer.

    There may be a picture-in-picture QR/TV combination that works. I just haven’t seen it yet.

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