Microsoft Tag One Year On

A year ago today at CES, Microsoft Tag was launched as a service.

On the first anniversary Aaron Getz, Product Unit Manager for Microsoft Tag has been interviewed by Softpedia, Microsoft Tag the Future of Mobile Tagging.

Most of the interview concerns the advantages of 2d barcodes in general and no mention is made of proprietary codes versus non-proprietary codes. However there is a clue as to how Microsoft intend to monetize their tag. When Aaron is asked about a possible pricing model he responds “Our business model will likely be more of a value added services model. For example we could offer the ability to customize experiences based on the gender, age, and interests of the consumer snapping the Tag. We could potentially charge users for the ability to view the analytics behind the Tag such as how many users snapped an image of a specific Tag”.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Tag One Year On”

  1. From our (small scale) testing it seems that MS tags are systematically scanned faster that QR codes. It takes less ‘fiddling around’ Is there research or evidence to support this?

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