Intelligence Agency QR Code Recruitment

It is no secret that the UK’s counter-intelligence and security agency MI5 have been using QR Codes in recent recruitment ads (image below). The QR Code in this ad resolves to a DoubleClick advertising server which redirects to the normal non-mobilized MI5 website hence breaking the 1st Rule of QR Codes. Asking users to navigate a website designed for the desktop using a mobile device is bad enough but in this case javascript links made the viewing of a complete list of job vacancies virtually impossible on a BB Curve. This kind of defeats the object of the ad so I used a desktop to see if there were any vacancies in the HR Department, there aren’t but maybe there should be… 🙂

MI5 recruitment ad with a QR Code

1 thought on “Intelligence Agency QR Code Recruitment”

  1. You have to wonder about the “intelligence” of an agency that can’t even grasp this simple concept, eh?

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