Merchants QR Code Usage Increases Dramatically

Multichannel Merchant’s recent ecommerce digital strategies survey (Outlook 2012-13: Ecommerce) has found that the number of merchants using QR Codes has increased to 47% from only 8% a year ago (chart below). 63.2% are using QR Codes in their print catalogs, 47.4% are using them in postcards and/or other non-catalog mail pieces and 40.4% are using them as part of their marketing collateral e.g. signs, bags, etc. The report suggests that the dramatic increase in merchants use of QR Codes may be due in part to last years USPS promotion offering commercial mailers an upfront 3% discount on mail which included a QR Code inside or on the mailpieces.

QR Code usage in Multichannel Merchant's Ecommerce survey

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