Mercedes-Benz QR Code Race

To mark the 125th birthday of the motor car Mercedes-Benz Singapore is running the QR Code Mercedes-Benz 125! race (video below). Each weekend between 26 August and 18 September contestants have to find the 5 Mercedes-Benz cars with QR Codes within designated areas in Singapore. The fastest to find all 5 will win a pair of Grandstand tickets to the Singapore Night Race and a weekend test drive with Mercedes-Benz. The overall fastest player for all four weekends will win the Grand Prize, a pair of return air tickets to visit the Mercedes-Benz factory and museum in Germany. If you are in Singapore when the race takes place you will need the Mercedes-Benz 125! Race App on your iPhone.

2 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz QR Code Race”

  1. Great find Roger!

    So it looks like this has an app with a built in Qr scanner, that validates particular links with the geolocation. Did I perceive that right? I assume the last step is a form where you can enter to win.

    Great video, music, and footage. I really applaud their marketing team for marketing QR in action rather then presenting as a simple case study.

    Now if only the cars were moving – that would be a real challenge.

    Patrick Donnelly,

  2. patrick…you got that right…the QR scanner activates only when you are at the car location…which ensure you need to be at locations in order to complete the challenge…i had the chance to participate and it was challenging as you try to beat the other guys…

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