McDonald’s QR Codes Revisited

QR Codes on packaging that allow consumers to look up nutritional information have made a debut at the four McDonald’s London Olympic restaurants, including the world’s largest (3200 square feet , 500 staff and seating for 1500). McDonald’s say the QR Codes will roll out in the majority of McDonald’s restaurants by the end of 2013. The QR Code on the cup in the image below resolves to this page on the mobile site (best viewed on your mobile). The site is a master class on usability and design where consumers can build their meal to see the total calories and protein, view nutritional information, food facts, ingredients and allergens in individual items (screenshots below). The mobile site also includes a restaurant finder and details of special promotions. It has been nearly 5 years since I first reported on McDonald’s QR Codes but as you would expect the new implementation is so much better in every way.

QR Code on a McDonald's cup
Screenshots of McDonald's mobile website

One thought on “McDonald’s QR Codes Revisited”

  1. Good execution but the strategy might need some work. Generally, consumer wish to review nutritional information before they purchase the product. In this case, the nutritional profile is provide after you purchase.

    Who is going to slow down and reconsider? Who is going to pull out the scanner while eating their Big Mac?

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