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Jerry Harrison, Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder of Swoosh! based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has proposed using a QR Code. I emailed Jerry to congratulate him and ask for details. He very kindly replied and with Jerry and his fiancées permission I have reproduced his great story below. The QR Code and the video it resolves to are also shown below.

I am sure all 2d-code readers join me in wishing Jerry and Angie every good fortune in the future and a long and very happy marriage!

I wanted to come up with an interesting and nontraditional way to propose to Angie. Being a tech enthusiast, I love the QR Code technology and the possibilities it opens up for easily storing and making data accessible. Also, I love YouTube’s Google Search Stories videos used as marketing tools a few years ago. I made several videos telling our story from the first date to the proposal, which I edited into one continuous Search Story. Then, I generated a QR Code using the Kaywa QR Code Generator. Also, I wanted to incorporate a heart into the QR Code similar to what the BBC did with their logo. Instead of taking away from the Code itself, I simply added a heart background image behind the QR Code and printed them on stickers to place randomly along a romantic riverwalk area in a town near where we live.

My girlfriend (now fiancée) usually attends Zumba classes on Thursday nights. I arranged for the Zumba instructor to contact Angie and cancel the Zumba class for the evening. Once I knew that Angie would be free, I asked a couple we are friends with to send her a message asking to meet in Conway for a double-date. Angie confirmed that my plan was fully in action by sending me a G-Chat message that we’d be meeting our friends for dinner that night. Once the plan was set, all that was left to do was place the QR Codes at the Riverwalk and wait nervously.

When Angie and I arrived at the Riverwalk, there was one QR Code sticker left. I pointed it out to Angie and we used our phones to scan the code. The Code directed Angie to the video and she teared up within the first three seconds. She knew what was coming and was touched that I had spent so much time creating an interesting and meaningful proposal. When the video ended, I got down on one knee, presented her with the ring and asked her to answer my search query. Would she marry me? SHE SAID YES!!

Marriage proposal QR Code

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  1. At a time when we are seriously short of good news and applied happiness this is an unqualified delight to read. Tear-up? awshucks – why not.

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