World’s First Multimedia Novel Published on a T-Shirt

Winksite have teamed up with author Alexander Besher to publish his latest novel “The Manga Man”, not as a book but as a T-shirt . The “Manga Man” T-shirt (photo below) displays a QR Code that links to a mobile site from which a prospective reader can display the narrative directly. There is much more to this than appears at first sight and you can read more on Winksite CEO David Harper’s blog.

Manga Man T-shirt with the QR Code

2 thoughts on “World’s First Multimedia Novel Published on a T-Shirt”

  1. the potential uses of QR codes in education astound me. My next step is to convince the english department to complete book reviews as blogs and place a QR code with a link to the review on the back on the books in the library.

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