Mac to Smartphone with a QR Code

A new app QRBeam looks interesting for Mac users. It uses QR Codes to transfer data from a Mac OS X 10.6 or later to any smartphone. You can transfer links, notes, any kind of text up to 800 characters and contacts with drag and drop from your address book. The app cost $1.99 from the Mac App Store.

3 thoughts on “Mac to Smartphone with a QR Code”

  1. Number 10 on my “old” list

    What I love about this app ( note I havent used it ) is that its just a slight tweak in the way we think about QR. QR has always been about getting from A to B, this is just a clever way to personally using A to B.

    I “like”, but not enough to pay for it. … yet.

    Patrick, QrArts

  2. anyone interested in facilitating this kind of data exchange is already using Bluetooth or simply emailing the data to themselves.

    the “q” in “qr” is supposed to be for “quick.” there is no way this is quicker than Bluetooth.

    maybe a handful of people will try this out. but, as a daily tool? doubtful.

  3. I agree with Rob, this does seem like a needless faff, especially when you are limited to just 800 characters. Also, with hundreds of free QR code generators available on the internet why would you pay for one simply because it doesn’t require internet connection to be used – even though you would require an internet connection to decode it on your smartphone, which suggests that the offline ability is a rather pointless advantage. – not sure I understand the advantage of this application, I can’t see it over taking email or bluetooth anytime soon.

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