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Jeff Lorton co-founder of mobile marketing agency LynkSnap made a great comment to me today “QR Codes are the most relevant thing to happen to billboards since they put lights on them”. He was telling me about an unsuccessful pitch to a well known company in the OOH arena and the failure (at the moment) of their senior management to understand mobile engagement. The ad that Jeff’s team produced to accompany the pitch deserves to have a wider audience so with his permission it is reproduced below.

QR Code poster used in a agency pitch

5 thoughts on “Spill The Beans QR Code”

  1. Awesome ad, but poor code execution. When scanned, the code took me to a ScanLife “Currently Inactive” error. Yet another nail in the coffin of the ‘indirect code’.

  2. Scanning of the mosaic types of codes comes down to the challenge that in theory, all designer codes should be produced to the lowest common denominator rather then the highest.

    When you cannot control which scanners people use, its a big QA problem for designers. Which is usually not in their wheelhouse.

    I ran into the same design challenges with Magic Hat, Tic tacs, apple code, etc.

    I would recommend to this ad about adding a call to action with a hint about the engagement or Why should I scan.

    But looks good. Great execution.


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the comments on our fun “spill the beans” QR code. It actually works great.

    My firm made this code last year and ironically the code’s 12 month subscription ran out on February 01 2012.

    I’d love to blame this on the Mayans but the fact is that a simple two day internet outage here at our Portland office contributed to this oversight.

    We have asked our friends at at Scanlife to turn the code back up in the morning when they come in to work in NY so that all can play around with it.

    Kindest regards to all,


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