15 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton QR Code”

  1. Lindsay well done! I guess that the designers would have tested it with i-nigma since i-nigma is pre-installed by all of Japan’s major mobile manufacturers.

    Any other QR Code readers can or can’t cope?

  2. The guys at SET Japan emailed me a more recent version of the QR Code which is now above. This means any comments from now on will apply only to the new image.

  3. This code does not work on my iPhone using several leading QR Code readers. I suspect the error correction on the code is either not set high enough or is greater then what that size code with the awesome Takeshi Murakami art can handle (Note: for QR Code Readers with decoding software less capable then i-nigma.)

    i-nigma has some of the best on phone decoding software and most Japanese phones have high megapixel cameras with micro-focus running i-nigma so i’m sure this code would work throughout Japan as is.

  4. Bengt, I used my iPhone (Optiscan) and it worked, gave me a link.

    Do you have the picture in a better quality?

  5. Here’s a couple of “hand-decoded” versions of both of these–the lead image and the poor quality one in the comments. By hand-decoded I simply mean I redrew the codes by eye to the best of my ability–my rough idea of how the panda factors into the code included, on the assumption that it was positioned meaningfully to at least somewhat match the code “under” it.

    Decodes to “http://lvmonogram.jp/store”.

    Decodes to “http://lvmonogram.jp/md”.

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