Mobile OS Statistics for 2d-code Readers

Dana Gillis asked a good question in the Linkedin 2D Codes for Global Media group on how to use a single QR Code to provide different outcomes for iPhone and Android users. Dana’s question reminded me that I had generated a QR Code (image below) to do just that in a previous post on privacy issues and I was able to provide what I hope was a helpful answer. Reviewing the old post prompted me to look for the first time at the scan statistics for that particular QR Code and the results are displayed in the pie chart below. I was surprised by the number of scans (384 worldwide) but the mobile OS ratios are not statistically significant because the cohort is undefined, except they are 2d-code readers of course.

3 thoughts on “Mobile OS Statistics for 2d-code Readers”

  1. Hi Roger, i’m here to share some statistics…
    It’s a french project, the cohort should be 17-35 years old (rock festival) in Toulouse.
    iphone 47 %
    android 37 %
    blackberry 6%
    symbian 10 %
    This stats are made with OS that could be identified.
    Some qr readers seems to modify the user-agent, and I get the server signature (mobiletag for example)
    The links had been shared on social networks so I have desktop OS visits and bots…

    I’ve have another project with a different cohort … with a lot of blackberries. I will share this statistics soon, and post them here if you want…

    I think it could be interesting to detect versions of OS. iphones et android 2.2 have quite the same capabilities (HTML5 for example) but android 2.1 haven’t got the same capabilities and updates are not always easy…
    That’s what I am going to do soon with my statistics scripts. Knowing the capabilities of devices is interesting (“can I use advanced HTML 5 or javascript ? or I have to “serve” the content differently).

    (Sorry for my bad english)


  2. oups… sorry i’ve said something wrong in my previous comment.
    Mobiletag doesn’t modify the user-agent but the referrer, so there no problems with the OS detection…
    it could be a problem for others statistics : when you use different qr codes that target the same page and want to count each scan.

  3. A lot of mobile websites now have functionality that allows them to provide different experiences based on

    1. carrier
    2. handset

    So, Yes, you can BOTH detect all users and deliver different experience based on scan + technological segmentation. This would depend on your mobile CMS provider and setup capabilities.


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