QR Code Management Systems Ratchet Up

Hardly a day passes by without me hearing about a new QR Code management system and to be honest most of them are pretty standard. Occasionally one catches my eye such as the new Eenox Qube which uses HTML5 geolocation technology independently of the QR Code scanner to map scanning events. Using proprietary algorithms to analyze the geolocation data within a given perimeter the platform can determine the best location for the placement of codes (video below). Couple this with realtime recycling of codes and 100% compatibility with Google Analytics and it begins to become an interesting proposition. You could even use this management system with another of the company’s products Eenox Designer which allows users to create touch optimized web documents from their browser without writing any code. Eenox will even wrap your design into an app and publish it on the App Store or Android Market for you. Both Qube and Designer have a free plan with limited fuctionality that you can play around with (Eenox website).

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