Largest QR Code in Europe?

Steffen Schilke emailed me about the Explora Museum claiming Europe’s largest QR Code (image below on the left). The QR Code is located in Frankfurt, Germany on the side of the Explora Museum for Science and Engineering and resolves to their website. There is a question though, is it bigger than the 2007 code in Shoreditch, London (image below on the right by Iain Tait)? Of course both are dwarfed by the Southbay Beach, Scarborough QR Code but maybe codes in the sand don’t count!

Two of the largest QR Codes in Europe so far

8 thoughts on “Largest QR Code in Europe?”

  1. Thanks for posting about our QR Code. I think our’s actually the biggest out / available right know (in Europe).

    We have more big things in the pipeline (together with @Stadt_FFM)

    Kind regards

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